The insurrection of consciences
We decide what we eat!

The real needs have a natural limit: food, clothing, shelter, care.
The superfluous has no limit. It is the main cause of hyperconsumption that ruins our planet and prevents the basic needs and humanity are equitably satisfied.
(Pierre RABHI - The human species facing its becoming)

Our vocation is not to produce and consume until the end of our lives but to love, admire and take care of life in all its forms.

Make Its Part: The Ecological Clothing

Clothing is one of our natural needs. In our ecological house, we wish to do our part around Pierre RABHI. Crafts designers, we study the ecological and compostable fabrics: Hemp, Linen, Yak wool. We draw clothes without wasting. They are sewn only to order and tailor-made. Their dyes are natural and guaranteed GOTS (specified). We engage in the dyeing plant and cultivation of dye plants in permaculture.

We like to share and invite you to participate in our self-help and family sewing workshops.

The Legend of the Hummingbird

One day, a long time ago and in a faraway place, or so the legend goes, there was a huge forest fire that was raging the countryside. All the animals were terrified, running around in circles, screaming, crying and helplessly watching the impending disaster.

But there in the middle of the flames, and above the cowering animals, was a tiny hummingbird busy flying from a small pond to the fire, each time fetching a few drops with its beak to throw on the flames. And then again And then again.

After a while, an old grouchy armadillo, annoyed by this ridiculous useless agitation on the part of the hummingbird, cried out: “Tiny bird! Don’t be a fool. It is not with those miniscule drops of water one after the other that you are going to put out the fire and save us all! ”
To which the hummingbird replied, “Could be, but I’m going to do my bit”.

Ethics - Our Model

The ecological, economic, social and cultural crises we face, the challenges we face are unprecedented. The race for growth and unlimited profits depletes resources, alienates people, starves peoples, destroys biodiversity.

Humanity is at a crossroads. The interdependence of the living being irrevocable, we are called, if we want to ensure the continuity and flourishing of the human species on the planet, to deeply and consciously change the vision we have of the world and society.

Etsy : Artisans of handmade for clothings

Shopping écologique - ecological shopping

Our craft work has existed for a long time. We simply chose to promote ecological textiles, compostable, natural dyes and what helps to take care of man and his planet. We are committed to a quality approach including: zero waste, zero wastage. We create on demand and measure people who wish a durable garment in linen, hemp ... yak wool. We also use recovery and fair trade.

Our association is self-financed thanks to Etsy.

We hope you will love our natural creations clothing and jewelry.

See you soon

Support Artisans of hand-made

Khoutûre Naturelle

Khoutûre Naturelle

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Our Inspirations

Signatories of the International Charter for Land and Humanism, we are humming birds

Pierre RABHI

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Care of animals

The association makes a call for donations to support the animals (food, accommodation, care ...). Thank you for your help.

But still...

We want to take a global look at the whole environment thanks to an eco-responsible agricultural approach. Everything is related: nutrition, health, housing, clothing, ecology, crafts, economy, society, communication .....